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          About Xiagao
          About Us

          Difei Plumbing Sanitary Appliances Factory specializes in producing ‘Difei’ brand sanitary appliances. As a professional sanitary appliance manufacturer, Difei is committed to creating high-quality modern sanitary life. Over the years, based on professional talents, new equipment, and new techniques, Difei has developed many top-grade sanitary products to meet the requirements of the markets. All products are inspected by professional inspectors, thus we can assure our customers of high-quality products. Our products are superior to the same products on water-saving and other fields.  

          Adhering to the tenet of ‘quality top, forge ahead with determination, keep improving, create first-class brand’, and to the service philosophy of ‘sincere services, customer-oriented’, we will develop more perfect products. We strive to create bright future for the customers. We sincerely welcome new and existing customers to visit us for guidance and talking over business. We would like to cooperate with you for common development. 


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